Should I speak to the education setting first?

Yes, definitely speak to the relevant staff within the education setting. This should start with the person responsible for SEND to talk about the support already in place to meet current special educational needs before completing this online form.

What if the education setting offers to complete this form on my behalf?

Anyone acting on behalf of a school or post 16 institutions can write and request an EHC needs assessment. They are often best placed to work with you to provide Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council with specific information to support the process.

Who can submit a request for an EHC needs assessment?

  1. Child's parent or carer
  2. A young person over the age of 16 but under the age of 25 acting on their own behalf
  3. A professional acting on behalf of an educational setting
  4. Professionals including foster carers, social or health professionals

When should I hear back?

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council must reply within six weeks. They will always reply to you as a parent/carer or young person, even where the request was made by an education setting.

Request an EHC needs assessment